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Hi, my name is Sandi and “Betty Bage” is named after my beautiful daughter, born in 2011. So, yes, I am a mother, I am also a sister, a daughter and lucky to be a great friend to many. I am a sensitive and romantic soul , I wear my heart on my sleeve, at all times and I absolutely adore “love”. The excitement it gives me, the security, the warmth, the closeness, the happiness, I just can't imagine life without love.


I love people and find that you all intrigue me in one way or another. I like to photograph YOU, the natural you, the real you, normally having fun, doing what you like doing best, with the people who are most important to you. I also prefer to shoot out on location to capture the most amazing natural light.


If you would like to be involved, with the precious people in your life, capturing the most memorable and treasured moments, please get in touch because here I am, in the throes of building my little empire and hoping to leave a lasting impression on everyone I meet. In a good way x

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